25 Tahun Komnas Perempuan

The celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Komnas Perempuan was held on November 13-15, 2023, in Grand Sahid Hotel Jakarta. The event commence with an International Seminar titled “Arah Kita: Menimbang Dinamika Global, Regional, dan Nasional Upaya Penghapusan Kekerasan terhadap Perempuan” to provide an overview of the geopolitical conditions, challenges, and opportunities at the global, national, and local levels in the efforts to eliminate violence against women. This event was attended by a public consultation involving government representatives, women’s organizations, civil society, and the media to gather reflections on the 25-year journey of efforts to eliminate violence against women and to obtain input to strengthen the institutional role of Komnas Perempuan.


Bahasa Global as an Event Organizer for Komnas Perempuan managed a 3 Days event with numerous services in order to make the event meaningful. The event was organized in Hybrid Settings and with several Breakout Sessions. The event was attended by some of the representatives that needed language assistance. There are two types of language services that we were provided, one was Indonesian Sign Language and the other one was Simultaneous Interpretation for English and Bahasa Indonesia.


We provided numerous services and productions for the 25th Anniversary of Komnas Perempuan:

Event Management and Coordination:

  • Flow Management to ensure all sessions ran according to the schedule.
  • ⁠Conducted a location survey to assess all aspects and mitigate risks on the event day.
  • ⁠Handled virtual event management for online participants.
  • ⁠Set up audio and video for hybrid settings in the plenary room.
  • ⁠Provided hybrid (audio & video) setup and Zoom hosting rental for breakout room sessions.
  • ⁠Created bumper slides for every speaker and session.
  • ⁠Utilized HD V-Mix broadcasting to make the digital display more interactive, both at the venue and on virtual platforms (Zoom & YouTube).
  • ⁠Streamed the event live on our Komnas Peremuan YouTube channel.
  • Supplied HD camcorders to support hybrid settings and real-time display at the venue.
  • ⁠Ensured dedicated internet to support online organizing and YouTube live streaming, with portable internet as a backup.
  • ⁠Installed a 10,000-watt sound system with 10 wireless microphones and clip-on microphones.
  • ⁠Provided a high-resolution projector with a screen.
  • Captured every moment of the event through photo and video documentation.
  • ⁠Edited videos for various sessions (Opening Video, Event Summary, Anniversary Wish Video, etc.).
  • ⁠Managed honorarium payments for entertainment, talents, guests, etc.
  • ⁠Engaged dozens of staff to support overall event organizing at Grand Sahid Hotel Jakarta.
  • ⁠Set up a black curtain for the stage background.
  • ⁠Arranged lighting to enhance the venue ambiance.

Talent and Interpretation Services:

  • Provided a remote sign language interpreter.
  • ⁠Offered simultaneous interpretation services, including transmitters and receivers with a US brand and ISO interpreter booth for participants in the Jakarta venue, while our interpreter worked remotely.
  • Hiring a graphic recorder onsite to summarize the event with hand-drawn outputs.

We also handled some of the productions needed for the event:

  • ⁠Organized onsite exhibitions, including partition panels and printing exhibition materials.
  • ⁠Rented an upright piano, including delivery transport in Jakarta.
  • Rented an LED Videotron for an indoor venue in Jakarta with frame design, including a technician to operate the screen.
  • ⁠Set up an interactive booth for onsite participants to leave wishes.
  • ⁠Produced and distributed custom logo merchandise for participants.
  • ⁠Provided customized printed backdrops.
  • ⁠Supplied stationery to support the event.
  • ⁠Offered a medical kit for emergency purposes.
  • ⁠Provided electric candles.
  • ⁠Created a custom miniature to be displayed at the venue.
  • ⁠Supplied areca betel leaves for the symbolic anniversary celebration.
  • ⁠Laid carpet for stage flooring, adjusting the color to the client’s request, and decorated a mini garden for the stage.
  • ⁠Constructed a mini stage for entertainment.

And many more services to ensure the success of the event.

With meticulous planning and flawless execution, Bahasa Global ensured a memorable event that impressed all attendees. We are proud to have successfully assisted Komnas Perempuan in organizing one of their prestigious events.


Congratulations to Komnas Perempuan for 25 years of incredible journey, we are honored to assist this event.

About : Komnas Perempuan

Komnas Perempuan is an independent Indonesian institution established in 1998 to protect women’s rights from violence. They are involved in legal advocacy, education, research, and women’s empowerment

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