Document Translation Proofreading & Editing
document translation proofreading and editing

Document Translation Proofreading & Editing

Bahasa Global has been providing professional language translation services for over a decade. Delivering comprehensive, high quality, and professional translation services has always been our goal. Our pool of skilled and professional translators will ensure that you receive your translation on time and most importantly, it will be accurate. We specialize in translating to and from English and Indonesian languages for sworn and also general translations. With over a decade’s experience delivering professional translation services, we have developed robust internal quality control systems which we have implemented to ensure not just translation quality, but also quality formatting standards. A lot of our work in the past decades has been helping our clients with English – Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) language translation projects, but our project portfolio also includes a large number of successful projects in other languages. Bahasa Global’s professional translators can provide services including simple translations, corporate translations, financial report translations, content localization, and help with sworn translations for legal documents. In line with recent developments, we are now also supporting many of our clients with their digital platform requirements. Our team can provide high quality digital services in addition to your document translations needs.

We are well known for our quick turnaround in response to the increasing pressure on our clients caused by the evolution of modern business practices without compromising quality. Our Indonesian document translation services can include bulk project work and super express delivery. Our in-house team of graphic designers are also experienced in quick turnaround of graphic designs for our clients to help make their businesses look good. Document design and formatting can be included as part of our document translation service and can also help build your brand. We aim to provide a complete solution for all of your Indonesian to English document translation needs and also other languages.

Our people have professional expertise in a variety of industries and international organizations including law, economics, health, infrastructure, government, etc. Some examples of our recent services include:

     Certified Translation

     Legal and Sworn Translation

     Academic Journal

     Corporate Translations

     Project Support   

     Feasibility Studies

     Annual Financial Report

     Marketing and Website Material Translation

     Training or Meeting Material

     Translation Subtitling

     Transcription Translation

     Document Formatting and Design

Our translation services is priced on a per result word basis with a focus on the outcome and we will work within your deadlines to meet your requirements. To ensure client satisfaction, we allow our clients to review and provide feedback on our translation work before invoicing. We also allow for some minor revisions to the source document to be applied to the translated document when necessary. Our service is tailored to cater for everything from simple document translations to your complex technical document translations and even sworn translations.

Benefit from our highly experienced team of translators and administrators and experience worry free translation services!

Why Should You Choose Bahasa Global for Document Translation?

Bahasa Global has been providing language translation services for over a decade and  has extensive professional expertise in a variety of industries including legal, economic, health, infrastructure, government, and many more.

We specialize in English translation for non-sworn and sworn translation and also for general translation. We will provide a complete solution for all of your document translation needs to English translations and any other languages. Our professional translators can provide services including simple translations, corporate translations and to help with sworn translation for legal documents.

Bahasa Global’s professional translators are carefully selected for their expertise, background and their ability to work professionally including completing assignments on time. Our team of administration assistants will assign the most suitable professional translator in accordance with the subject of the translation.

We are acknowledged for our quick turn around with reasonable pricing.  We also have a schedule of rates which can be selected by our clients based on the duration or expected delivery for the translation result. To ensure our client’s satisfaction, Bahasa Global allows our clients to review and provide feedback on the translation result before we proceed to invoicing. Bahasa Global’s document translation services are tailored to cater for all of our client’s requirement including highly technical document translations and urgent requests for a fast turnaround assignment. Our admin assistant team is always ready to respond to your request or queries related to your document translation needs and they will assign a professional translator once the request is confirmed. Our dedicated admin assistants will liaise with you on your individual requirements to ensure you get the best result in a timely manner.

Document design and formatting can be part of the document translation services. We have been providing designs and formatting for national and international clients for many clients. Our experienced in-house graphic designers can help with your individual and distinct graphical design requirements to meet your organization needs. In Bahasa Global we will provide a complete solution to your business communications needs.  We can help you to translate, proofread, format, and even design your documents in one package.

We Translate Many Kinds of Documents

Our professional translators have expertise in variety of industries and international organizations and can provide an all-inclusive service including:

  1. Certified Translation
  2. Legal and Sworn Translation
  3. Corporate Translations
  4. Project Support    
  5. Feasibility Studies
  6. Financial Statements
  7. Marketing and Website Material Translation
  8. E-learning Material Translations
  9. Training or Meeting Material
  10. Translation Subtitling
  11. Transcription Translation
  12. Document Formatting and Design

How Does it Work?

Translating your document in Bahasa Global is easy. You only need to send your document to our email address and we will provide you with a quotation immediately. Our translation rates are calculated based on word counts allowing precise calculations and we believe that method to be the fairest for our clients. Once you agree with the quotation, we will commence the translation on the same day if that’s what you want. Bahasa Global will make sure that you have your translation result within the agreed deadline and accept that you may want to review the result and give us any feedback. We are open to revisions to the document to ensure your satisfaction. You do not need to go anywhere else, we will deliver the document translation result you need.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We can translate any kind of documents including Word, PDF, images, PPT, Excel, and txt.

Yes, we provide video transcription and translation services.

Yes, after the client has given us confirmation that the translation result is done satisfactorily and there are no more revisions or feedback, we will provide them a hard copy with a Sworn Translation Stamp  and send the document to the client.

Yes, we will. We have normal rates, express rates, and super express rates. You can choose super express rates for rush translations, and we will proceed with the work immediately to meet the deadline.