SPM Awards 2024 by Ministry of Home Affairs

The SPM Awards is an accolade presented by the Ministry of Home Affairs to recognize the best-performing regional governments in implementing Minimum Service Standards (SPM). The awards are given to three provinces, three regencies, and three cities. The SPM Awards 2024 were personally handed over by the Deputy Minister of Home Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, John Wempi Wetipo, to the regional heads at the Bidakara Hotel in Jakarta. The event was attended by distinguished VIPs such as Governors, Mayors, Regents from across Indonesia, and Australian Embassy Representative.

Bahasa Global was chosen to organize an event for 750+ attendees. Known for our exceptional and reliable service, we delivered a seamless and memorable experience. We provided end to end event organizing. The event itself is organized in Hybrid Settings with over 750 participants onsite and almost 1000 online participants joining via zoom. The event is also live streamed to Kemendagri Youtube Channel. 

Bahasa Global organized this event within a limited time frame and managed complex requests.

The services we provided for this event include:

    • Event Management: Organized an event at Bidakara Hotel Jakarta for over 750 participants, including participant registration, handling, seating arrangement, and VIP handling.
    • Location Survey: Ensured all aspects could be assessed to mitigate risks on the event day.
    • 3D Layout Design: Created a 3D layout of the venue, including seating and stage design.
    • Design Production: Produced all necessary design elements such as banners, flyers, broadcast frames, etc., to support event promotion.
    • Bumper Slides and Videos: Prepared bumper slides for each speaker and session and a bumper video showcasing the event summary.
    • Virtual Event Organization: Managed a virtual event for up to 1000 participants.
    • Audio and Video Setup: Provided audio and video setup for hybrid settings throughout the entire event.
    • Equipment Rental: Rented 5 HD camcorders and a Jimmy Jib to support hybrid settings and real-time display at the venue.
    • Sound System: Supplied a 10,000-watt sound system with wireless microphones.
    • HD V-Mix Broadcasting: Used HD V-Mix broadcasting to make the digital display more interactive both at the venue and on virtual platforms (Zoom & YouTube).
    • YouTube Live Streaming: Streamed the event live on our client’s YouTube channel.
    • Internet Services: Provided dedicated internet to support online organizing and YouTube live streaming, with portable internet as a backup.
    • Lighting Setup: Arranged lighting for the venue ambiance.
    • TV Screens: Placed TV screens for mirroring and monitoring displays at various points outside the venue.
    • Manpower: Engaged more than 25 experienced staff to handle the event.
    • Production Payments: Covered payments for additional productions such as materials, video production, trophies, certificates, etc.
    • Photo and Video Documentation: Captured every moment of the event through photo and video documentation.
    • Coordination Meetings: Conducted both onsite and virtual coordination meetings.
    • Rehearsal Session: Held a rehearsal session prior to the event.
    • Reporting: Provided comprehensive reporting on overall event management services.
  • And many more.

Some talents we provided during the event:

  • Traditional Dance Performance: Arranged a traditional dance performance in a medley setup.
  • Sign Language Interpreter: Provided a remote sign language interpreter to support inclusivity.

We also handled some of the productions needed for the event:

  • Stage Flooring and Decoration: Installed white melamine flooring with a mini garden decoration for the stage.
  • LED Videotron Rental: Rented an indoor LED Videotron in Jakarta, sized 24 x 4 meters, with frame design and a technician to operate the screen, along with a generator set (Genset) to support the LED screen.
  • Stage Background: Provided a black curtain for the stage background.
  • Custom Merchandise: Created 600 custom leather bags with a logo for participants and VIPs.
  • ID Cards: Produced ID cards for all participants, committee members, and speakers.
  • Roll Banners: Provided roll banners for registration and signage at various drop points.

Bahasa Global’s meticulous planning and execution ensured a flawless event, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees and reinforcing their reputation as one of the industry leaders. To ensure the event runs smoothly, we also rent the Ballroom 1 day prior to the event, to do thorough rehearsal, making sure everything is flawless execution and up to our client’s expectations.

We are proud to have assisted with this event and to witness many provinces and cities in Indonesia win awards in this prestigious event.

About : Ministry of Home Affairs

The Ministry of Home Affairs (Indonesian: Kementerian Dalam Negeri; abbreviated as Kemendagri) is an interior ministry of the government of Indonesia responsible for matters of the state.

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