There is a conference, but the venue is silent…?

Pertamina Digital Community (MITA) held the “Pertamina Digital Expo” in Jakarta on November 1-2, 2023. In addition to being a meeting and hub for digital partners and practitioners, this expo was also an exhibition of cutting-edge technology that could be utilized by BUMN personnel, government agencies, educational institutions, and the general public to observe developments in digital transformation.

The digital transformation activities became an important step in changing the way the oil and gas industry, especially Pertamina, conducted its daily operations. The digital transformation implemented by Pertamina was also able to provide value in cost optimization.

We were in partnership with another Event Organizer to support the audio setup for the event. The question is, if there is any audio setup, why is the venue very quiet? Every event has unique requirements, this event is one of them! Pertamina Digital Expo wants to make a parallel session in one stage. For most events, this seems impossible to manage, but there are always solutions for every challenges.

Two (2) sessions in one stage can be solved with our Interpretation Devices (Receivers). It’s not a usual practice for the device. As many people know, receivers usually used to hear interpreters speaking during the event. In this case, devices were used to hear the speakers that are currently speaking at the stage. The event is in quiet mode, the speakers using our special microphone, can speak freely and doesn’t have to shout and all participants at the venue can hear it.

For this unique event, we supported:

  • 300 receivers for the participant, To ensure the highest quality of service, our inhouse team were also standby at the venue during the events. All high-quality receivers, transmitters, and headsets, all rigorously tested for optimal performance.
  • Transmitter for the entire event
  • Manpower to set up, standby, and dismantle all of the equipment.

Since the stage is divided by two sessions. There were Side A and Side B, we provided the receivers including headset for participants to choose which side they wanted to join. So roughly around 150 receivers were distributed for each side of the session. To divide the rooms, we also need two separate transmitters. With our experienced, creative, and can do attitude technicians, we can provide and adjust our services to all clients’ requirements.

This 2 days event went successfully, we delivered all services as required. We are honored to be part of the Pertamina Digital Expo event! In addition, in this era, collaboration is a key to success, we are happy and open to any collaboration with other event organizers or any other partners!

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