Virtual Event Organizing

Virtual Event Organizing

Effective onsite and online event organizing requires a unique blend of event management skills and technical mastery to ensure the delivery of an engaging virtual event. Our people have a decade’s experience managing events. Examples of Bahasa Global’s successful event organizing projects can be found in the gallery section of this website. We have successfully arranged many types of events for both our international and domestic clients over the past years. Recently, we have expanded our portfolio to cover virtual events delivery for Southeast Asian countries.

We have several virtual event organizing packages that can also be customized to meet your needs for a successful virtual event experience. The event format could be a meeting, webinar, gathering, training, national dialogue, or even a wedding! Your objectives could be to communicate or facilitate learning and or understanding. Maybe it’s to strengthen an existing relationship or simply to get things done? Perhaps it is a combination of all of the above. Bahasa Global can help you achieve your requirement and meet your objectives through your organized event.

From our office in Jakarta, we have already successfully hosted over 854 virtual meetings, training meetings, and webinars for our national and international clients. In addition to event organizing, we have also successfully managed hundreds of remote simultaneous interpretations assignments complementing our international events. Other organized events have included a large number of assignments requiring fast typists (with and without interpretation) and others utilizing sign language interpreters. Prior to the event, our highly skilled team can help you socialize your events to a larger targeted audience. We are able to with a broad range of services from graphic design right through to social media promotion. We can customize graphic designs for you and promotions to reach your target audience and boost the engagement of your event.  A successful event for you and your audience is our objective.

Both virtual and onsite events can now be live-streamed through many channels, depending upon your special requirements. Our aim is to provide a complete solution for our clients and our virtual organizing team is now complemented by our hybrid team to take care of the onsite coverage and ensure system efficient integration throughout the event. Hybrid events are becoming increasingly popular because they address the residual issues of travel restrictions and budget constraints which can be a challenge when planning your events. Many of our virtual events are now broadcasted live to YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook and examples can be seen on our YouTube channel, Bahasa Global Events. We will take care of the technicalities of live streaming and that includes audio/video integration both for online and onsite participants.

Contact us now to have a look at our list of successful projects, see clips of the events and organize a free live demo.

Why Virtual Event?

In this digital era, the popularity of virtual events and hybrid events is increasing every year. With many people working remotely, events today are likely to take place on platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Webex, and other virtual platforms. Virtual platforms are great for hosting interactive sessions with participation by audiences located both onsite and online. Some of the advantages of virtual events include time-savings, cost efficiency, consistent and accurate record-keeping, interpretation services for multilingual meetings, file and screen sharing capabilities, and much more. Holding an event virtually can also be challenging, especially with the increasing familiarity by people with different virtual platforms and also the needed incorporation of different technologies. Our Virtual Event Organizing professionals will work to ensure no technical issues occur during the event and the integration between participants attending online and onsite is seamless. Bahasa Global has hands on experience gained from organizing over 750 virtual events since mid 2020. Our vast experience comes from working with both repeat clients and new clients who come to us as a result of word of mouth from clients who know we will provide a high-quality, responsive and professional team. Aside from our commitment to continuously train our people, we also understand the importance of only using quality equipment and technology during events. We use high-spec devices and have all the necessary equipment to be able to provide the best and most reliable services.  In short, Bahasa Global are able to provide you with high quality services using a combination of well trained and experienced people and high-spec reliable equipment.

Virtual Event Packages by Bahasa Global

The packages that we offer are very diverse and can be customized according to the needs of the event, starting from adjusting the number of participants, the duration of the event, doing live streaming to several social media platforms, variety of graphic design products, etc.

Our team will not only help you with the running of your event, but our team will also help you compile and create a post-event report. Some examples of what we include in our post-event reports include attendance lists, event documentation such as video recaps and recording, virtual event reports, verbatim and summary note taking, certificate design and distribution, and post-event surveys. Creating a post-event report will make it very easy for you to understand the most relevant post-event statistics and data about your major objectives and even recommendations for your future event.

Bahasa Global virtual event organizing packages may include the integration of a hybrid setting with video cameras at the venue. Some of our virtual events also take advantage of our media engagement service part of which may include inviting the press and the media and also distributing press release and media monitoring. This service is frequently combined with social media promotion to reach a more targeted audience and promotion of the event or the organization in general.

Some of our clients have a long-term contract with us and will benefit from our bulk rates and also greater assurance of consistency as we will assign a dedicated team for the clients’ project. We are flexible not just in terms of tailoring the services suitable to your needs but we are also flexible with budgeting and terms of payment.

Bahasa Global is a limited liability business entity that can work with both national and international organizations. Our teams are experts in their work and are proficient in English, We have experienced working with a diverse range of institutions including Ministries, Embassies, Universities, the Military, Police, National and International Organizations, Multi-National Companies, and more.

Why choose Bahasa Global as Virtual Event Organizer?

Bahasa Global are very experienced and has successfully delivered around 700 virtual events in the past 24 months after the start of the pandemic. We have organized various types of virtual events including the adaption of onsite events to make them hybrid event. We have assisted with both the online event and also with the integration of audio video support onsite. Our  experienced team is very capable of delivering services effectively and efficiently using our ownsophisticated equipment and tools to support the event. We also train our team regularly and ensure our inventory of equipment is kept up to date with technology development. In addition to virtual events, we can also help you run virtual exhibitions to showcase your products or even in 3D to increase the level of engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Meeting settings emphasize discussion and collaboration over the web by using audio, video, and screen sharing. Everyone in the meeting can listen and talk to each other and can share sound/pictures. In a webinar setting, the speaker delivers a presentation to the audience and the participants remain in listen-only mode. They can type and ask the organizer a question using the Q&A option in the Q&A column. In webinar settings, the engagement is less than during a meeting setting.

Our hybrid team will work onsite at the venue where the event is being held.  They will manage the placement of the cameras and the integration of the sound system in use at the venue into the online platform, as well as the arrangement of other equipment at the venue. Our hybrid team typically will come to survey the location in advance making sure that we are bringing the necessary equipment and that an adequate internet service is available in the location. Our  virtual event team may work onsite but can also work remotely from Bahasa Global’s office. The Virtual event organizing team will handle hosting the online platform, screen sharing if needed, attending to the participants, and also broadcasting using vMix software.

The platforms that we often use to hold virtual events are Zoom, Webex and Ms. Teams

To organize an event it will be very helpful if the Bahasa Global has been given beforehand the Terms of Reference of the event, event rundown, and design guideline.

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